International Journal for Advanced Review and Research in Pharmacy (IJARRP)
ISSN: 2349-1329

Author Guidelines

Preparing a Manuscript for Submission to IJARRP

Future of a journal rests in the hands of its authors, to a great extent. Manuscripts therefore need to be prepared according to internationally accepted guidelines.

The guidelines adopted by IJARRP generally follow the 'Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals', published by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Complete guidelines are available here.

General Principles and Requisites

Plagiarism Check

IJARRP does not encourage any form of plagiarism, thus we strongly recommend you to check your article content before you submit manuscript to any of our journals. Plagiarism can be checked through online plagiarism software tools to minimize further complications.

Cover Letter

Cover letter must include the list of authors, title of the manuscript. It should declare that the work is not published elsewhere. The article type should be mentioned (Original Research Paper/ Review Article/ Short Communication/ Editorial/ Case Report/ Perspectives). Current telephone and fax numbers, as well as postal and e-mail address of corresponding author should be given to maintain communication.

Sample Cover Letter can be downloaded here

File Types

Manuscript should be submitted here as a Word Document (.doc or .docx) only.


Please provide the following information at the time of submission of the manuscript. These details are to be provided by selecting the *Declarations tab at the manuscript submission page here. Please state NA (not applicable); if that particular case is not applicable to you, and there is no information to be provided.


All the authors should meet the below listed criteria to qualify as authors:
  1. Significant contribution in designing and performing the experiments/collating the data/interpreting the data
  2. Drafting/Editing/Revising the research work for the intellectual content
  3. Provide consent to the final version of the manuscript to be published
  4. Agree to be accountable for the accuracy of the data
Please provide the details of contributing authors in the relevant columns during the submission of manuscript.

Conflicts of Interest

All authors should duly fill the conflict of interest details in the Declarations section; and provide us with the complete information (if any conflict of interest exists). All authors must disclose the details of any financial/professional/personal association with other Institutes/Organizations/Universities that could have an unwarranted effect on their work. Employment, Honoraria, Patent Applications/Registrations and Grants are some of the examples of potential conflicts of interest. Please state NA; if there is no conflict of interest.

Ethical Approval

Research studies involving animal testing and clinical trials on humans require ethical approval. It should be certified that any type of experiment/study conducted on humans and animals has been duly approved. The details regarding the ethical approval should be provided in the Declarations section (whether approval has been given, name of the relevant ethics committee and the reference number for their judgment). Please state NA; if no work requiring ethical approval was conducted.

Clinical Trial Information

The trials conducted on human subjects should follow proper protocol for conducting and reporting of these trials. The Equator network & NLM's Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives provides a concise list of guidelines like CONSORT, PRISMA, STROBE, COREQ, ENTREQ, SAMPL etc. for enhancing the quality and transparency of health research.

Studies on human patients/volunteers require approval from the concerned ethical committee; and fully informed written consent. Authors should confirm at the time of the submission process that written consent has been obtained. Please state in the Declarations section text box:
Written informed consent was obtained from the patient for conducting this study/publication of this case report. Editor-in-Chief of this journal will be provided with a copy of the written consent for review (on request). Please maintain the privacy of the patients/volunteers and do not disclose their names, initials, or hospital details. Images of patients/volunteers should be used only if the information is essential for scientific purposes and written consent categorically mentions that the images can be used. Please state NA; if no human patients/volunteers were involved.

Click here to view and download Manuscript preparation guidelines.

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