International Journal for Advanced Review and Research in Pharmacy (IJARRP)
ISSN: 2349-1329

Authors' appeal towards Rejected Manuscript

IJARRP, during the process of peer review contacts editors and external reviewers. Decisions made are based on scientific merits, facts, opinions and considering if the manuscript comes under the scope and purview of the journal.

If a manuscript is rejected, and if authors do not agree with the editorial decisions, they have the right to appeal against the decision.

In this case, author should first notify this to the editorial office. Authors have to send their appeal in two stages. In the first stage, notification regarding author's disagreement on the editorial decision should be sent to editorial office by email. In the second stage the author has to send an appeal letter to the corresponding email address, stating why rejection of the manuscript was unfair and should address to all the points mentioned by editor/reviewers completely in the email. The appeal should reach the editorial office before 25 days by email. Please send your appeal as a PDF document to the corresponding email address.

Authors can appeal only once and further appeals and negotiations will not be accepted. Please ensure to have the 'appeal letter', addressing all the points supporting your claim as to why the manuscript rejection was unfair. Revision of the manuscript should be done only if requested by editorial office. Please do not submit any revised manuscript if it was not requested by editorial office.

After receiving the appeal letter, if the author's claims have found to be acceptable, then the author will be allowed to resubmit manuscript with or without changes.

Acceptance/rejection of a manuscript after the re-review will be final. Editor/reviewers may ask the author to re-submit the manuscript with corrections. Rejection may happen even after revised manuscript is submitted after an appeal.

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