Authors' appeal towards Rejected Manuscript

The manuscripts submitted to IJARRP will undergo a stringent and rigorous peer-review process, where the final decision of acceptance or rejection of the manuscript will be provided by the Journal editors.

These editorial decisions are unbiased and purely based on the scientific eminence of the manuscript, the originality in the research, the way authors present their opinions along with the relevant evidence and the usefulness of the information to the society. If the manuscript is rejected by the editor after taking into consideration all the above factors and the author disagrees with their decision, the author can appeal against the editors’ decision.

The appeal should be an electronic letter containing the reasons behind the authors’ disagreement with the editorial decision, the facts supporting the prominence of the manuscript, a detailed explanation addressing all the editorial queries and comments provided for the betterment of the manuscript.

The appeal from the authors should be within 30 days of communicating the rejection of the manuscript from the editorial office and after the mentioned timeline, IJARRP does not owe any responsibility for such appeals.

IJARRP seriously considers the appeal of the authors and after reconsideration of the points appealed by them,

  • The manuscript can be accepted (or)
  • The manuscript can be suggested for revision before providing acceptance (or)
  • The manuscript can be rejected even after the re-review.

In a case of acceptance, the authors are suggested for resubmitting the manuscript without any changes. The author is allowed to revise the manuscript only when suggested by the editors and the revised manuscript should be resubmitted in this case. If the manuscript is rejected even after the appeal, the authors will not have any chance of further claiming. However, the editors’ decision will be considered final.

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